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    8 Rules in Oil Trading

    1. Never put in all capital A smart trader never put in all his capital into oil trading as its volatility can never be expected. It can jump up 3% but down 3% in just few minutes. Always prepare your bullets so that you can buy in more if the price continues to drop.  2. […] More

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    My Unpleasant Trading Experience – Invest but not Gamble

    I started trading on eToro on 26 June 2018 without much knowledge about trading. However, I did not realize how dangerous it is to start trading with real money without much research since I only know basic knowledge about stocks without even know what is short selling. I was so impatient to practice using the […] More

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    Tips for Trading on eToro

    eToro is the trading platform that I’m using and most of the small investors like me like to use this platform. Good news is that in 2018, eToro allows its clients to buy the real stocks when you are buying the stocks with leverage x1; while buying with leverage more than x1 or selling are […] More