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    “MUST LEARN” Lesson in Investment — A Good Mentality

    Recently, the US market tumbled due to the increase of interest rates followed by the big dip in Asia market and Europe market as well. All the investors seemed to be in panic and the sell-off continued. Today, we saw signs of recovery with the boosters from the earning reports from a few giant companies […] More

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    Weekly Summary (28/9/18) – Bearish Month

    This week, the market was down as the trade war tensions continue to flare since China cancelled planned trade discussions with US, with Trump responded that US “will no longer tolerate abuse” on trade. Besides, China’s decision of imposing new tariffs on US goods worth $60 billion came into effect on Monday. In addition, US […] More

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    Weekly Summary (21/9/18) – Trade War Tensions Subsided

    This week, the US market and Asia market gained with the fading of trade-war fears with S&P500 recorded all-time high though the markets were still under trade war tensions earlier this week. US market erased gains on Friday after Trump reportedly said that he wanted to move forward with tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese […] More

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    Weekly Summary (14/9/18) – U-turn

    Since last week, both the US and Asia markets continued to slide down due to the trade tension between US and China. The situation even worsened when Trump proposed to put tariffs on another $267 billion of Chinese goods. However, there is a big “U-turn” after US seeks to restart trade talks with China. Interestingly, […] More

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    Weekly Summary (7/9/18) – Trade Tensions

    Since last Friday, trade war flares again as Trump supported additional tariffs on China goods. In addition, United States and Canada neared a key trade agreement deadline with no apparent resolution though talk between US and Canada resumed this week as Trump seeks a deal in 90 days. Overall, US and Asia market have been […] More

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    5 Recommended Useful Websites for Trading

    I have been sharing some of the latest news and reports on eToro new feeds to my followers and copiers. Sometimes, my followers or other browsers may question me that where do I obtain those latest information. Therefore, I would like to share some of the websites that I usually visit in this post and […] More

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    8 Rules in Oil Trading

    1. Never put in all capital A smart trader never put in all his capital into oil trading as its volatility can never be expected. It can jump up 3% but down 3% in just few minutes. Always prepare your bullets so that you can buy in more if the price continues to drop.  2. […] More

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    “MUST KNOW” Tips in Stocks Trading — Value Investing

    “Value Investing” is the principle by Benjamin Graham, and it is the basic principle that all investors should know. Before knowing about value investing, following the trends, I buy when the price goes up and I sell when the price goes down which is definitely wrong in the view of value investing. In value investing, […] More

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    My Unpleasant Trading Experience – Invest but not Gamble

    I started trading on eToro on 26 June 2018 without much knowledge about trading. However, I did not realize how dangerous it is to start trading with real money without much research since I only know basic knowledge about stocks without even know what is short selling. I was so impatient to practice using the […] More

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    US Nonfarm Payrolls

    Nonfarm Payrolls measures the change in the number of people employed, and it is reported monthly by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. As mentioned in the title “nonfarm”, the number measured excludes the farming industry. Besides, unincorporated self-employment, employment by private households, nonprofit organizations, the military, intelligence agencies and proprietors are excluded as well. […] More

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