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    Weekly Summary (9/11/18) – After US Midterm Election

    After the months of fears and uncertainties, the US midterm election was finally over. US market surged after the results in which Democrats owned the House while Republicans held the Senate. The splitting gave investors a relief that the decision by Trump to continue the trade war with China might be interrupted. This led to a rise in Asia market just after the US midterm election results were as expected. 
    Earning season was over as well with great earnings by Apple and Alibaba. However, Apple missed its iPhone sales estimates and Apple announced that they might not be announcing the sales number starting from next report. This definitely will cause investors to lose confidence on Apple’s future, thinking that Apple might want to hide something especially the sales which may continue to drop in the coming quarters. Missed sales became the main concern since greater earnings were just because Apple kept on raising the price of iPhone. We might reach one day that iPhone is not affordable anymore and we will miss both sales and earnings though Apple are now trying to get revenues from streaming services. 
    Wynn Resorts shares plunged 15% after CEO sees “slowdown” in Macau despite beating its earnings per share and rising of its revenue. I bought in some yesterday since the market is just over-reacted. I think the “slowdown” is just temporary and it should not be a big deal in long term with the trade war tensions will finally relieve. Trump would like to see US stocks to perform well, since this could help him to win the President election two years later. So he will definitely not want to continue the trade war as we can see he was trying to “have talk” with China recently. 
    Trump said before that US will be the winner of trade war as the US stocks market kept on reaching peak before the imposing of taxes on China goods. However, sell-off started after US imposed taxes on China goods with China reimposed taxes on US goods. Trump started to realize that and he started to initiate “talk” with China. But it did not help much without a “real talk” and this became one of the reasons that his party lost the House. 
    Now, with the splitting, Trump will definitely be more tolerant and turn down his tone. This will be a good news for both US and Asia market.
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    Bearish Month – October 2018

    It had been a bearish month since September when the trade tensions between US and China flared-up. Later, the market went into bearish market after the hiking of interest rates by the Fed. It had not stopped with the sell-off of tech giants especially Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Alibaba followed. Nasdaq tumbled almost 10% this month led by the tech giants.
    Market will not be in bearish all the time, it’s just the matter of time. During this critical period of time, you should not be panic if you call yourself as an investor which I have mentioned in my previous post “MUST LEARN” Lesson in Investment — A Good Mentality and “MUST KNOW” Tips in Stocks Trading — Value Investing.
    Earlier in the month, out-performing earning report by Netflix and Microsoft temporarily relieved the concerns by investors though Netflix dropped later despite the fast-growing subscribers. Surprisingly, Amazon and Google who posted more-than-expected earnings per share also can’t reverse the market due to their missed revenues. However, Facebook beating its expected earning per share with slower growth of users and revenues successfully led the recovery of the market from the loss in October.
    Another two giants Apple and Alibaba will be releasing their earning reports in few days time and I’m optimistic with their reports which can lift the market. Here’s the websites that you might need if you want to track the earning reports especially during the earning season: 5 Recommended Useful Websites for Trading.  
    Xiao Mi was still struggling at the level of HK12.00 with the current bearish Asia market. Be patient, and we will see the growth when the Asia market recover and after its second financial reports after listed in late November.

    Summary of my trading activity:

    Reduce: Netflix
    Buy: Microsoft, Alibaba, Xiao Mi
    Hold: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Xiao Mi
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    Google Adsense Application

    Today, I would like to share something different from trading which is the application for the google adsense account. Basically, I will share on how to apply for google adsense account so that adsense ads are allowed to be placed on your blog successfully. It would be a great satisfaction if you can see google adsense ads running on your own blog while earning some extra income as a return of your hard work. I have read a lot of websites regarding this; therefore, I would like to share some of my experiences to benefit the other bloggers.
    I started this blog since July 2018 and have been applying for google adsense account since August 2018. I applied for many times but ended up with disappointment until today, I received an acceptance email from google adsense team. Thank you so much!

    First of all, of course you must build your blog by having enough contents. Once your blog is eligible to apply for google adsense account, you can see the “application” button under the “earnings” section of your panel. Once you have applied for it, just wait for the email from google adsense. 
    Once you are allowed to log in to your google adsense account, it doesn’t mean that your blog is accepted as your blog is now only eligible to be reviewed by the specialists in google adsense team. If you successfully pass the review, you will start to see adsense ads appearing on your blog. However, most of the time, I get rejected due to several reasons including “blog seems under construction”, “invaluable contents”, “difficult to navigate / non-user-friendly” and so on. It is quite depressing but I try to make changes to my blog according to their requirements, reading tips from others’ experiences. That’s one of the reasons why I’m sharing today in order to contribute back to the “internet community”.

    If you can’t find the reasons in the email received, you may log in your google adsense account to get the explanations.

    All the hard works will paid off. If you are facing the same problem of not being accepted after reviewing by google adsense team like me, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Just keep adjusting and changing according to the instructions given which are the reasons why your blog is not accepted. Feel free to comment below if you have any inquiries or suggestions so that we can try to help each other for achieving the milestone of being a blogger. 
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    “MUST LEARN” Lesson in Investment — A Good Mentality

    Recently, the US market tumbled due to the increase of interest rates followed by the big dip in Asia market and Europe market as well. All the investors seemed to be in panic and the sell-off continued. Today, we saw signs of recovery with the boosters from the earning reports from a few giant companies from financial sector; however, the gains didn’t last long and again were capped by the fear in investors. People are guessing that the next economic crisis is coming but I personally don’t think that it will be an economic crisis; in fact, it was just the over-reacting effect by the investors. 
    When people see the dip, they are easily getting themselves in fear, and they sell off. What happens next? The markets sink more, people continue to sell more and the cycles go on. It would not happen in just a region as the effects are synergistic and that’s why we can see the Asia market most of the time is affecting by the performance in Wall Street the day before. The same goes to the Europe market which opens later after Asia market.

    So another question, but how come the recovery is capped? When people start to see green, they try to buy in order to get themselves involved in the ride. When the markets rise to a certain level, people are trying to take profit to prevent any unexpected drop as they are still scared of the previous sudden dip. When profit-takings come in, the gains are capped and can even reverse. 
    Therefore, mentality is a lesson that should be learnt by all the investors especially for long-term stocks investors and those who believe in the principle of “value investing”. A good mentality would be the key to succeed in the world of investment. People are just too easy to get panicked and they forget why they buy the stocks of the company in the first place. We buy the stock of the company not because we read the news that one of the Wall Street analysts rated the stock as a “strong buy” one. We buy the stock of the company because we believe in its business model that would probably bring profits in long term. We should not expect the stocks to skyrocket in just a few days time, and should not sell them just because the stocks are down for a few consecutive days. 

    “Don’t get feared by the plunge, and don’t get greedy of the rise.” To be able to profit from the stocks trading, you have to buy during the dip, and sell during the rise, but not sell during the dip, and buy during the rise. If you emotionally sell when you see red, and buy when you start to see green, you would never become an intelligent investor. It is a simple principle and many people do know that, but rarely we can see people with a good mentality to apply the principle. This is because we are human, we tend to get feared, that’s why we have to learn the lesson, not only for investment, but for pursuing our dreams as well. 
    As a long term stocks investor, I always remind myself to aim for the future but not the temporary price difference, preventing myself from being masked by the “fog”.     
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    Weekly Summary (28/9/18) – Bearish Month

    This week, the market was down as the trade war tensions continue to flare since China cancelled planned trade discussions with US, with Trump responded that US “will no longer tolerate abuse” on trade. Besides, China’s decision of imposing new tariffs on US goods worth $60 billion came into effect on Monday. In addition, US was going to move ahead on a new trade deal with Mexico, excluding Canada.

    The market erased gains after Fed Chair Jerome Powell told reporters after the Fed announced the raised fed fund rates that he did not see inflation surprising to the upside, noting: “It’s not in our forecasts.” This comments sent interest rates and bank shares lower and dragged the broader indexes down with them. Read more on how the fed fund rates / interest rates affect the stocks market.
    Starting from this week, Facebook, Netflix and Alphabet, parent of Google, along with media and telecom companies, had become part of a new S&P Dow Jones industry sector for communications services while Amazon remained in consumer discretionary. In fact, it did not affect the market much.
    Facebook promised to drop on-site support for political campaigns, something Facebook, Google and Twitter had done in the past. Although, two key executives who are also the co-founders of Instagram left Facebook, I think it will not affect much and it may indicate that more revenues can be explored from Instagram. Amazon has expanded its grocery delivery service from its Whole Foods stores to 48 cities across the US, opening a New York City brick-and-mortar store. I expect the share will continue to rise, targeting $2300 by the year end. 
    Viomi Technology, a Xiaomi-backed Chinese seller of internet-connected home appliances, debuted on the Nasdaq stock exchange on Tuesday. It is good to know that Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is Viomi’s strategic partner, shhareholder and customer, which gives Viomi access to Xiaomi’s ecosystem users, market and data resources and related support. This means that Xiaomi’s ecosystem is still keep on expanding, growing in a rapid pace. It might be anxious to see that Xiaomi’s shares kept on dropping this week despite the rise in HangSeng Index, but I had the different point of views. I took it as  a golden opportunity and opened another position with lower price. 
    For crude oil price, it hit a four-year high as sanctions on Iranian crude exports loom with OPEC and Russia refused to raise the output; however, the rise was capped after President Trump called on OPEC to increase crude oil price. Besides, the gain was capped by the rising of US crude inventories of 1.9 million barrels reported by EIA.

    Starting from October, I will be changing my strategy to long-term stocks trading since I will be starting my clinical years in my medical degree; therefore, I will not be having enough time and energy to look at the market from time to time especially crude oil trading. However, I will still do some day trading in oil and stocks during my holiday. At the same time, I will only update my trading summary once a month. I apologized for that and I hope that you will understand. Once again, thank you for putting trust in me and you can continue to copy my trade if you believe in my point of views on “value investing” which I have mentioned quite a few times in my blog posts. Thank you.

    Summary of my trading activity:
    Buy: Xiaomi
    Hold: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba
    Observe: Oil
    Sources: CNBC, Investing.com
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    Weekly Summary (21/9/18) – Trade War Tensions Subsided

    This week, the US market and Asia market gained with the fading of trade-war fears with S&P500 recorded all-time high though the markets were still under trade war tensions earlier this week.
    US market erased gains on Friday after Trump reportedly said that he wanted to move forward with tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods. Investors were concerned about the intention of President Donald Trump to put 10% tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods, which will go up to 25% at the end of year. On the other hand, China responded that they would not just play defense in this trade war with the institution of new tariffs on US goods worth $60 billion on Sep 24, reported by Reuters. This put further pressure on the markets, causing Asia market continued to plunge earlier this week.
    However, the markets started to rise on Tuesday as the United States slapped new tariffs on Chinese goods that were lower than expected. US market continued to edge higher on Thursday, led by Tech giants with Microsoft reaching another new high record.
    This week, Amazon was on its way back to $2000 level with its CEO Jeff Bezos announced that a decision of building a second headquarters will be made before the end of the year. Besides, Amazon planned to release at least eight new Alexa-related products before the end of this year, considering a plan to open as many as 3,000 new Amazon Go cashierless stores in the next few years.
    Alphabet’s google unit is partnering with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance to use its Android operating system in automobile media displays. Apple rose after the Apple Watch and various other consumer gadgets were being exempted from the newest round of tariffs on goods imported from China. Netflix spiked after the analysts at Guggenheim hiked their price target on Netflix shares to $420 from $360, but the gain was capped due to the escalation of trade tensions.
    Alibaba recovered, trading at the level $165 though its chairman, Jack Ma said that his company no longer had intentions to bring 1 million jobs to US, given the ongoing trade war between Beijing and Washington. Facebook was instructed to comply with European Union consumer rules by the end of this year or the company might face sanctions, according to a statement issued by European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova.
    Xiaomi rose following the announcement of its first post-IPO structural adjustment by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. In addition, XiaoMi gained after the investors regained confidence on Asia market with the fading of trade war tensions. 
    However, I’m still concerning about the possibility of flaring of trade war tensions again after China’s imposition of new tariffs on US goods worth $60 billion which will come into effect on Sep 24.
    For oil trading, oil prices lowered on Monday as Baker Hughes reported increase of oil rig counts by 7 and global crude oil demands were expected to drop due to the trade tensions between US and China, but the losses was supported by the potential supply tightening due to Iran sanctions. However, oil prices later spiked with the signs that OPEC would not be prepared to raise output to address shrinking supplies from Iran. Oil prices continued to edge higher after the US crude stockpiles fell by 2.1 million barrels, reported by EIA. Oil price again fell after Trump ordered OPEC to lower the oil price at its meeting in Algeria this weekend.
    Summary of my trading activity:
    Hold: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Xiaomi
    Observe: Oil
    Sources: CNBC, Investing.com
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    Weekly Summary (14/9/18) – U-turn

    Since last week, both the US and Asia markets continued to slide down due to the trade tension between US and China. The situation even worsened when Trump proposed to put tariffs on another $267 billion of Chinese goods. However, there is a big “U-turn” after US seeks to restart trade talks with China. Interestingly, Trump tweeted that US has no pressure to make a trade deal while China state media responded that China wil not “surrender” to US demands in trade talks.
    For US market, Apple’s shares price dropped tremendously last Friday after Apple admitted that Trump’s proposed tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods would affect Apple products as well. However, Apple’s shares price later surged before and after the launching of the three new iPhones since lowering the price of iPhone X is expected to boost the sales. In addition, Apple gained after analysts at UBS raised their price target from to $250 from $215, expecting the potential growth of the company’s services business.
    Alibaba experienced free fall after its executive chairman Jack Ma announced to “retire” with CEO Daniel Zhang taking over as chairman while he will remain in his role for the next 12 months to ensure a smooth transition. With that, I bought in more Alibaba with lower price since this transition shouldn’t be a big problem that will affect the future of Alibaba. Buying stocks with a undervalued price is one of my principles which I have explained before in “MUST KNOW” Tips in Stocks Trading — Value Investing . Soon after I bought in more, Alibaba’s shares price spiked after signing a joint venture with Russian partners to launch e-commerce arm.
    Also, Amazon recovered from its fall after Citi raised its price target on Amazon to $2250 from $2100. While the other stocks that I’m holding like Facebook, Netflix, Google and Microsoft traded higher after the announcement of resuming trade talks between US and China with the Microsoft performed the best by reaching another new record high.    

    For Asia market, dragged by the whole Asia market, XiaoMi plunged after Trump’s propose of additional tariffs “if he wants”, bouncing back after the resume of trade talks between US and China. I managed to buy in more during the dip and many would not agree with me. Well, to me, XiaoMi is a great company which is worth to invest in. It didn’t perform well recently though with outstanding earning report since this is due to the overall bearish Asia market as trade tension flares. Time will tell and we shall see a rise after the trade tension eases with the trade talks.       

    For oil trading, the oil price was up this week with the cutting down of two oil rigs reported last Friday and declining in crude oil inventories reported by both API and EIA. However, it dropped after the “breaking-record” supply especially higher output from OPEC reported by IEA and the concerns on economic crisis in emerging markets.

    Summary of my trading activity:
    Buy: Alibaba, XiaoMi
    Hold: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft
    Observe: Oil
    Sources: CNBC, Investing.com
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    Weekly Summary (7/9/18) – Trade Tensions

    Since last Friday, trade war flares again as Trump supported additional tariffs on China goods. In addition, United States and Canada neared a key trade agreement deadline with no apparent resolution though talk between US and Canada resumed this week as Trump seeks a deal in 90 days. Overall, US and Asia market have been bearish since last Friday as investors concern about the US-China trade tension as well as the deal between US and Canada to replace the Nafta agreement. Most of the tech giants are pulling back after a strong climb last week.

    For US market, almost all the Tech giants plummeted on Wednesday led by Netflix, causing Nasdaq and S&P 500 to fall as well. Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter including Google were accused by Trump of interfering in 2016 and 2018 elections. In addition, social media giant Facebook’s stock was downgraded from “buy” to “neutral” by Moffett Nathanson based on its view that revenue growth is slowing and that Facebook’s long term profit margin guidance doesn’t provide a case for the stock’s long term outperform. However, I will buy in more Facebook if it continues to drop next week.

    Good news is that Amazon reached one trillion market cap as I expected which I mentioned earlier in Weekly Summary (31/8/18) – New High. However, I reduced buying positions in Amazon, expecting for a correction. I bought in more Alibaba after it plummeted more than 6% on Wednesday. One more question is that which company will be the next to reach trillion market cap, Microsoft or Google? Or any other company? I personally will be looking forward to see Microsoft and Alphabet to join Apple and Amazon in near soon.

    Despite of bullish news such as investment of more than $1 billion by Facebook to build a new data center in Singapore, its first such facility in Asia, raising of price target of the streaming giant Netflix to $440 from $360 by RBC and forecasting of Apple’s video streaming service as a multibillion-dollar business by Morgan Stanley, the tech giants failed to have a great rebound, pulling back on Thursday after long rally last week. 

    Other highly discussed stocks are JD.com and Cronos. JD.com’s CEO, Richard Liu has returned to China, days after being arrested in Minneapolis on suspicion of criminal sexual assault. JD.com’s stock dropped for more than 15% since the accusation and it is in my watchlist. It would be a good entry point, but I would like to keep observing for a few days more. Last week, Cronos evaporated almost 30% after the comments by short seller Andrew Left on Cronos for nondisclosure of the size of distribution agreements with Canadian provinces. CEO of Cronos responded to this accusation with the reason that the company doesn’t want to overpromise. However, the price skyrocketed after the announcement of the partnerships with Ginkgo to develop Lab-Grown Cannabis. In addition, GMP Equity Research raised its stock price target on Cronos by $7 to $17 on Wednesday. I closed the sell position which I held since last week with some profits, day-trading Cronos and managed to earn some profits from the volatility. 
    For Asia market, the trade war tension continue to weigh and there is concern about a slowdown in the Chinese economy following the Caixin/Markit Purchasing Manager’s Index for August coming in at its lowest levels in more than a year. Besides, Wall Street’s sell-off of tech stocks dragged down Asia market.
    For oil trading, OPEC supply is expected to increase ahead of Iran sanctions which will be fully effective in November. Although evacuation of two oil platforms in Gulf of Mexico in preparation for a hurricane lifted the oil price, the price sank after the hurricane eased. Prices also pulled back from earlier highs after Cushing, Oklahoma, crude oil inventories rose nearly 754,000 barrels though EIA reports on Thursday was bullish. Probably reduced demands since slow-growing of the market due to trade tensions raise investors’ concern as well. Check out my new post on 8 Rules in Oil Trading and 5 Recommended Useful Websites for Trading which would help a lot in oil trading.

    Summary of my trading activity:
    Reduce: Amazon
    Buy: Alibaba
    Hold: Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, XiaoMi
    Day-trading: Cronos
    Observe: JD.com, Oil

    Sources: CNBC, Investing.com

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    5 Recommended Useful Websites for Trading

    I have been sharing some of the latest news and reports on eToro new feeds to my followers and copiers. Sometimes, my followers or other browsers may question me that where do I obtain those latest information. Therefore, I would like to share some of the websites that I usually visit in this post and I would recommend you guys to bookmark them. 
    Investing.com is the website that I check regularly for all the reports either weekly or monthly especially US Crude Oil Inventories including API and EIA and US Baker Hughes Oil Rig Counts which are crucial for oil trading. They provide the history of the reports as well as the forecast for the coming one. Besides, other economic indicators such as US Jobless ClaimsUS Gross Domestic Product (GDP)US Existing, New & Pending Home SalesUS Core Durable Goods OrdersUS CB Consumer ConfidenceUS Nonfarm Payrolls and etc can be tracked on this website as well. Click on each indicators for more readings. 

    2. Tradingfloor.com

    Alternatively, I visit this website to check on the indicators as well. Besides those indicators, you can check the earning calendar on both of these websites to know when the earning reports are out. The most important is that you may also obtain the ex-dividend dates and the yields. For your information, as long as you own the stocks before the ex-dividend date even one day before, you will get the dividends but be careful with the spreads. 
    3. CNBC
    This is the website where I can read all the latest news for all markets though news for Asia market would be relatively limited. It is easier if you download the apps in either google play store or apple store. My favorite part of it is that I can create my own watchlist and I can browse all the news regarding the companies in my watchlist under the section “watchlist news”. 
    I can say that this is the “wikipedia” for trading world. You can find all the explanations regarding knowledge of any trading tools on this website. Easy to understand with great examples and simple language, which I have been inspired to write on this blog, sharing information in the most simplest way. 
    This is the website where I visit to obtain the information about the trading activities of the insiders (professionals). For example, you can view the portfolio of Warren Buffett, such as which stocks he bought and which stocks he reduced during the previous quarter including the average price that he bought in.  
    Comment below to share which websites that you think that they are useful. 
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