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Bearish Month – October 2018

It had been a bearish month since September when the trade tensions between US and China flared-up. Later, the market went into bearish market after the hiking of interest rates by the Fed. It had not stopped with the sell-off of tech giants especially Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Alibaba followed. Nasdaq tumbled almost 10% this month led by the tech giants.
Market will not be in bearish all the time, it’s just the matter of time. During this critical period of time, you should not be panic if you call yourself as an investor which I have mentioned in my previous post “MUST LEARN” Lesson in Investment — A Good Mentality and “MUST KNOW” Tips in Stocks Trading — Value Investing.
Earlier in the month, out-performing earning report by Netflix and Microsoft temporarily relieved the concerns by investors though Netflix dropped later despite the fast-growing subscribers. Surprisingly, Amazon and Google who posted more-than-expected earnings per share also can’t reverse the market due to their missed revenues. However, Facebook beating its expected earning per share with slower growth of users and revenues successfully led the recovery of the market from the loss in October.
Another two giants Apple and Alibaba will be releasing their earning reports in few days time and I’m optimistic with their reports which can lift the market. Here’s the websites that you might need if you want to track the earning reports especially during the earning season: 5 Recommended Useful Websites for Trading.  
Xiao Mi was still struggling at the level of HK12.00 with the current bearish Asia market. Be patient, and we will see the growth when the Asia market recover and after its second financial reports after listed in late November.

Summary of my trading activity:

Reduce: Netflix
Buy: Microsoft, Alibaba, Xiao Mi
Hold: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Xiao Mi

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