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Weekly Summary (24/8/18) – Rise of XiaoMi

This week is a profitable one, and I’m grateful that we achieved more than 20% growth with an average risk score of 6. First of all, million thanks to all my 200+ followers and 17 copiers for trusting in me.
For oil trading, it was quite stable earlier in this week with the balance between bearish and bullish news. US and China agreed to resume talk and the rig oil count reported last Friday was no change from previous week. Together with Iran sanctions, the concern of lower demand due to slower economic growth is balanced. However, later on, API and EIA reported a significant drawing from crude oil storage which successfully boosted the oil price for more than 3%. I bought in just before the EIA report was out, and now I’m still holding the buy position with green. I will continue to hold it until next week, probably will close the position before the API weekly report next week. 
For US stocks, this week is a bullish one since the S&P 500 reached another peak and it is the longest-ever bull market since 2009. Most of the stocks that I’m holding are on their way recovering (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) from the Turkey crisis last week  Although there is still a lot of space going up, we have to prepare for any sudden event that would bring it down anytime. But anyway, the trend will be still bullish in short term; therefore, I decided to buy in Microsoft this week to complete my profile with FAANGM, the six tech giants. Besides, I bought in Alibaba which announced its earning report on Thursday with revenues and earnings per share higher than expected. It has been bearish since June after reaching its peak, and I expect it will start to rise again for few weeks to reach another higher peak after the strong quarter report. 
Last but not least, XiaoMi which is the one my copiers have been concerning the most since few weeks ago. The price once reached 22 hkd after IPO, but after all, it was bearish until one day before the release of the first financial report after its IPO. As what I expected and mentioned earlier, it is a great company that worth far more than its IPO price. It is the fourth largest phone company in the world in less than ten years. Investors have been concerning about the way it operates that might not be profitable, but again XiaoMi proved that it is the fastest growing phone company in its quarter report. Besides, XiaoMi is not totally dependent on phone though phone is its main product, it has a great potential in conquering other product as we can see XiaoMi TV became the first in China with global sales growth of 350%. With the booster from the first financial report, I decided to buy in more but I will be observing its condition closely. For short term, it may seem keep dropping due to trade war, but in long term, it definitely will rise to its real value. 
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