US Existing, New & Pending Home Sales

US Existing & New Home Sales are reported monthly and they are the important indicators that we should consider. 
US Existing Home Sales measures the change in the annualized number of existing residential buildings that were sold during the previous month, while US New Home Sales measures the annualized number of new single-family homes that were sold during the previous month. US New Home Sales are reported in number as well as change in percentage. US Pending Home Sales measures the change in number of homes under contract to be sold but still awaiting the closing transaction, excluding new construction. Of course, they have their own criteria for home sales to be recorded into the respective statistics, but we don’t have to really know more about that.   
Basically, they are the indicator for economy condition since stronger housing activity means stronger economy. Think logically, more home sales means the consumers have higher incomes to buy houses, you won’t buy houses when your economy is in trouble right? Both reports are out towards the end of the month but the order can be either, and both reports are correlated.

Now we know that stronger housing activity indicates strong economy, so we can expect that strong economy will be bullish for US Dollars and vice versa. They are powerful indicator for US Dollars.
In simple words,
Higher home sales than expected — bullish for US Dollars 
Lower home sales than expected — bearish for US Dollars
And then, we can again correlate the fluctuations of US Dollars with the oil price. You may track when is the coming report, the forecast and actual data on (US Existing Home Sales) (US New Home Sales) and (US Pending Home Sales).

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