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Tips for Trading on eToro

eToro is the trading platform that I’m using and most of the small investors like me like to use this platform. Good news is that in 2018, eToro allows its clients to buy the real stocks when you are buying the stocks with leverage x1; while buying with leverage more than x1 or selling are considered under CFDs.
eToro is special as it is a social trading platform that allow traders to communicate, sharing breaking news and opinions although never listen to others’ opinions, make your own survey and wise choices. What I realized is that a lot of traders who like to predict the prices, most of them are in private profile or red profile (losing money), so never never listen to others’ opinions including me.
Another thing to take note when trading on eToro is the leverage and overnight fee / refund. Make sure that you know your own risks and revise the eToro website regarding the overnight fee / refund. It is stated clearly on their website actually and the main problem is most of the traders just don’t like reading. If you are not willing to spend some time for reading, then you should reconsider to be a trader or you can actually choose to copy other people’s trades which is one of the special features of eToro. That’s one of the reasons why I’m sharing some trading knowledge on this blog and my eToro profile, to allow more people to understand trading, not treating it as gambling merely.

Last but not least, familiar with eToro using the virtual profile first before you start the real trading. One of the advantages is that no extra fees are needed for each trade, so you can actually open / close your trade without processing fees. However, it requires $25 USD of withdrawal fee.

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