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    US CB Consumer Confidence

    In the US, the US Consumer Cofidence Index (CCI) is an indicator designed to measure consumer confidence, which is defined as the degree of optimism on the state of the U.S. economy that consumers are expressing through their activities of savings and spending.  In the United States, the Conference Board (CB) an independent economic research organization, issues monthly measures of consumer confidence, […] More

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    US Core Durable Goods Orders

    Before discussing about the relationship between US Core Durable Goods Order, let’s understand what is durable goods are. Durable goods are the goods that do not wear out quickly or have a lifespan of more than three years, and include a wide range of items including computer equipment and industry machinery, trains, planes and automobiles. […] More

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    US Existing, New & Pending Home Sales

    US Existing & New Home Sales are reported monthly and they are the important indicators that we should consider.  US Existing Home Sales measures the change in the annualized number of existing residential buildings that were sold during the previous month, while US New Home Sales measures the annualized number of new single-family homes that […] More

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    US Baker Hughes Oil Rig Counts

    Baker Hughes has issued the rotary rig counts as a service to the petroleum industry since 1994. So basically, the company will report the number of active oil and gas rigs weekly. Although Baker Hughes Rig Counts are more important barometer for drilling industry and its suppliers. When drilling rigs are active, they consume products […] More

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    US Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    First of all, we have to understand what is Gross Domestic Product (GDP). GDP is the measure of total value produced by the country. US GDP is reported monthly; therefore, there are three reports for each quarter (advance, second release and final). However, the reported value is adjusted for inflation. For example, the GDP value […] More

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    Tips for Trading on eToro

    eToro is the trading platform that I’m using and most of the small investors like me like to use this platform. Good news is that in 2018, eToro allows its clients to buy the real stocks when you are buying the stocks with leverage x1; while buying with leverage more than x1 or selling are […] More

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    US Jobless Claims

    As we know, the oil price is reported in US Dollars; therefore any changes in USD Index might have impact on oil price. So, we would like to discuss one of the indicators of USD, the US jobless claim. Basically there are two important jobless claims that we should know which are US Initial Jobless […] More

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    US Crude Oil Inventories

    In oil trading, it is important to know about the US crude oil inventories reports since they reflect the demands of crude oil which will directly impact the crude oil price. Basically, there are two reports every week, one is by American Petroleum Institute (API), another is by Energy Information Administration (EIA). They measure the […] More